About The Cockfields

Brand new UKTV Original comedy starring Joe Wilkinson, Diane Morgan, Sue Johnston, Bobby Ball, Nigel Havers and Sarah Parish, written by Joe and David Earl - the Derek actor best known as Brian Gittins on the comedy circuit.

About The Cockfields

Joe Wilkinson stars as Simon, who is taking girlfriend Donna (Morgan) back home to the Isle of Wight for the very first time. There they'll spend a long weekend as guests of his ever-doting mother Sue (Johnston) and controlling stepdad Ray (Ball).

Simon has been persuaded to mark the occasion of his 40th birthday back at the Cockfield family home and there's a fair amount of Isle of Wight "fun" in store for the pair of them, alongside interruptions from Simon's Alan Titchmarsh-obsessed stepbrother David (Ben Rufus Green) and the Cockfields' oddball handyman neighbour Andre (Jeff Mirza).

Sue is thrilled to bits about this rare visit but can't help fussing around Donna. Meanwhile, Ray's idea of a good time is catching up on episodes of The Chase.

If that wasn't enough, Simon's father Larry (Havers) and his new American girlfriend Melissa (Parish) are causing tensions to rise.

Can Simon survive a long (very long) birthday weekend with his biological and extended family without losing his cool, or his girlfriend?