The Cockfields: Joe Wilkinson interview

Joe Wilkinson interview

The Cockfields creator tells us why meeting the new in-laws is such fertile comedy ground.

The Cockfields: Diane Morgan interview

Diane Morgan interview

We caught up with the Motherland and Philomena Cunk star to find out about her new role.

The Cockfields: Sue Johnston interview

Sue Johnston interview

The Royle Family star has added The Cockfields to her impressive TV CV. We found out why.

The Cockfields: Bobby Ball interview

Bobby Ball interview

The 80s icon and Not Going Out star takes on a different kind of role in The Cockfields.

The Cockfields: Nigel Havers interview

Nigel Havers interview

The embodiment of dashing charm, Nigel has starred in a whole host of TV favourites.

The Cockfields: Sarah Parish interview

Sarah Parish interview

Sarah's work spans everything from Peak Practice and Hearts and Bones to Trollied and W1A.

The Cockfields: Ben Rufus Green interview

Ben Rufus Green interview

Ben plays the celebrity-obsessed David - but does he have any real life celeb crushes?

We Have Been Watching - Steptoe

We Have Been Watching - Steptoe

Watch the highlights from the first episode of We Have Been Watching

We Have Been Watching - Fawlty Towers

We Have Been Watching - Fawlty Towers

Watch the highlights from the first episode of We Have Been Watching.

Blackadder Interview: Tony Robinson

Blackadder clips: Tony Robinson

Tony Robinson on playing Baldrick and what people usually ask him about.

Blackadder Interview: Patsy Byrne

Blackadder: Patsy Byrne

Patsy Byrne talks about how there will always be a Nursie in society

Blackadder Interview - Richard Curtis

Blackadder Interview - Richard Curtis

The Blackadder writer discusses where else he would set Blackadder.

Blackadder Interview: Tim McInnerny

Blackadder star questions: Tim McInnerny

Lord Percy talks about far-flung fans and where he would have liked the series to go.

Blackadder Interview: Jim Broadbent

Blackadder Interview: Jim Broadbent

Jim Broadbent talks abour playing the Spanish Interpretor and a famous fan.

Blackadder Interview: Miriam Margolyes

Blackadder star questions: Miriam Margolyes

Miriam Margolyes talks about modelling herself on Queen Victoria.

Blackadder Interview - Miranda Richardson

Blackadder Interview - Miranda Richardson

Miranda Richardson discusses other historical characters she would like to have played.