Peep Show

Although it never got a huge audience this is, simply put, one of the best sitcoms ever made. Perhaps not to everyone's taste, the show attracted a fanatical cult following and received consistent critical acclaim and, despite the constant threat of being axed, Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain's Peep Show ran for a magnificent nine series. Starring brilliant comedy double act David Mitchell and Robert Webb as two socially dysfunctional flat-mates who have nothing in common, the sitcom managed to serve up depravity and hilarity in equal measure. Lazy, arrogant Jeremy (Webb) is a wannabe rock star with little talent, whilst Mark (Mitchell) is an obsessive, pretentious nerd and the sitcom uses the unique device of hearing the thoughts of our two anti-heroes out loud as they try to find their place in the world and endeavour to find love and fulfilment.

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