You, Me & Them Series 2

What does the second series have in store for TV's newest dysfunctional family? You, Me & Them returns April 8 as part of TV's Funniest Families.

You, Me & Them Series 2

As we know Ed (Anthony Head) and Lauren (Eve Myles) are very much in love, despite an almost thirty-year age gap and interfering, quarrelsome, opinionated relatives always sticking their beaks in. But still, love conquers all, doesn't it?

So, what are the happy couple up to now? After they settled their almost-catastrophic dispute at the family barbecue at the end of the series 1, their relationship has gone from strength to strength.

But of course, numerous things are sent to test them. Series 2 sees the couple confronted by Ed's romantic past and made homeless thanks to Keith's, erm, 'home improvements'. And no sooner have they managed to dislodge one semi-permanent member of the household (namely, Ed's bitter ex-wife), they end up with another one on their doorstep, this time in the shape of Ed's eccentric mother, Rose, played by Pussy Galore herself, Honor Blackman. Obviously she's got a thing to say about her son's latest romantic liaison.

At the Masons' household Keith and Debs are not only getting to grips with daughter Ellie's growing independence but having to deal with young Charlie's growing curiosity of becoming an adult. If adolescence wasn't bad enough Debs has to grapple with the unexpected idea that husband Keith's eye could be starting to wander, and Keith lands the Masons with some of the most unforgiving and fussy houseguests they could ever imagine, what's worse is that they're family.

Over at Lauren's parents' place, Emma's past pays her a fleeting visit and upsets the apple cart as it does so. Meanwhile Clive flirts with new fangled technologies only to soon find himself in a spot of bother...

But the one thing that remains unchanged throughout is that Ed and Lauren's love grows by the day, proving that they are in fact made for each other. Awwww.

You, Me & Them is Gold's very first original scripted comedy and series 2 will sit amongst Mrs. Brown's Boys and Outnumbered as part of TV's Funniest Families, coming to Gold April 8.