Family tree: You, Me & Them

Name, age and occupation - get to know the lowdown on comedy?s newest sitcom family


Age: 32

Lives: With Ed (and Alan). Lauren has been together with Ed for 6 months. She moved into his beautiful home a few months ago.

Works: Veterinary Nurse, recently qualified after years of travel supported by many part-time jobs and the odd dabbles into other potential careers. She?s the only person she knows who, at one time or other, has been a hairdresser, a human guinea pig, and a clown in an east European travelling circus.

Daughter to: Emma & Clive

Sister to: Debs

Sister in law to: Keith

Aunt to: Ellie & Charlie


Age: 59

Lives: with Lauren (and Alan). Been together with Lauren for 6 months. She moved into his home a few months ago.

Works as: Owns a nationwide branch of garages (think Kwik-Fit) which he built-up from just one garage. Now semi-retired.

Father to: Ben (who in turn is married to Rachel ? they live in Spain) and Belinda (not married, long-partnered, career girl, she lives in Australia)

Grandfather to: Tim and Lewis. Lewis is in Spain with his parents.

Ex-husband to: Lydia Walker. (Been divorced for 2 years, they were married for 37 years, before Lydia?s mischievous, subsequently adulterous ways became too much.)

Divorced for: 2 years

Drives: A high end high spec Mercedes or Lexus


Age: 58

Lives: across the road from Ed & Lauren, after her divorce from Ed. She rents for now, still convinced that her ?Eddie Bear? will eventually see the light, dump Lauren, and welcome her back home. Has kept her married name for this reason.

Works as: Has never really worked as such but had good business brains for Ed?s mechanics business and they grew it together. As the chain took off, Lydia started to indulge and enjoy with the wealth it brought a little too much.

Mother to: Ben & Belinda.

Grandmother to: Tim & Lewis.


Age: 55

Lives: With Ed & Lauren, after his latest attempt to find wealth, love and happiness ended-up with his Latvian online girlfriend, whom he?d never actually met, scamming him out of his life savings.

Married: Never. Still looking for love.

Works as: Never really had a successful career as such, has hung off the coat tails of Ed, his older, wiser brother. Does non-descript bits for Walker?s Wheels (despite being a clumsy hazard around the garage), but doesn?t need to earn a lot to live a fairly comfortable life with Ed. For now.

Uncle to: Ben and Belinda.

Great Uncle to: Tim & Lewis.


Age: 21

Lives: With his grandmother Lydia. Tim decided not to relocate to Spain with his parents 5 years ago. He splits his time between university (term-time, when he?s not being expelled) and Lydia?s house. He once lived at Ed?s house when it was Ed & Lydia?s.

Love life: Numerous girlfriends and dozens of dates, but now Ellie, Lauren?s beautiful niece, has caught his eye. They?re determined to stay together, despite the ever watchful eye of her Mum Debs.

Works as: Has several awe-inspiring entrepreneurial schemes tucked up his sleeve. None of them likely ever to see the light of day, but he may just strike gold. If not, there?s always his grandad?s business empire to fall back on.

Son to: Ben and Rachel.

Nephew to: Belinda

Grandson to: Ed & Lydia

Pain in the bum to: Debs & Keith


Age: 61

Lives: with Clive in the family home they?ve had for 36 years.

Works as: Emma was a housewife, something she was very proud of. Before this, in the early days, before she met Clive, she was much wilder, a party girl who was no stranger to drink. Then she met Clive - steady, dull but the first honest and genuine man she'd ever dated. She doesn't think women can have careers and kids, and doesn't understand why Debs was climbing the walls and desperate to start work just as soon as Ellie, then Charlie were old enough.

Mother to: Lauren and Debs (and Keith?s Mother in Law)

Grandmother to: Ellie & Charlie


Age: 62

Lives: With Emma in the family home they?ve had for 36 years.

Works as: Clive worked for the same bank for most of his working life. Steady job, pension, fish paste sandwiches for lunch every day for forty years while he did the Times crossword. Bliss. Now he's got a nice, comfortable pension, and time to do, not only the Times crossword, but the Sudoku as well.

Father to: Lauren and Debs (and Keith?s Father in Law)

Grandfather to: Ellie & Charlie


Age: 34

Lives: with husband Keith, and kids Ellie & Charlie in their bursting-at-the-seams Barratt Home.

Works as: Debs has an office / desk job for the council or an insurance company. She has to deal with Joe Public and sort out problems of the numpty male managers above her. They don't pay her enough to work one second after 5pm.

Wife to: Keith

Mother to: Ellie & Charlie

Sister to: Lauren (possible future sister in law of Ed)

Daughter to: Emma & Clive