Jim Trott

Jim Trott

What would a Parish Council be without a dirty old man? A lot better off, most probably, but never mind. Dibley's foremost lech is Jim Trott, who looks a bit like a hairy troll, has a pronounced taste for Oriental girls, leers over Geraldine's backside and magically manages to remain loveable despite it all.

Known for his habit of prefacing every sentence with "No no no no no" (particularly when he's in agreement with something), he can also be a touch misguided at times - such as when he suggested Winston Churchill as the celebrity guest for the village fair.

Played by Trevor Peacock

If Trevor Peacock looks familiar, it's probably because he's cropped up in innumerable shows over the last few decades. One of Britain's hardest working character actors, he's been in everything from Last of the Summer Wine to Casualty via My Family. And he appeared as an old soldier in a special 2005 Remembrance Day episode of EastEnders.

On top of that, Trevor also found the time to write the Herman's Hermits song Mrs Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter ? which was a smash-hit number one single in 1965.