Hugo Horton

Hugo Horton

David Horton's son Hugo is a hapless and downtrodden chap - but so would you be if you had Dibley's resident dictator as your dad.

A timid schoolboy trapped in an adult's body, poor Hugo is constantly oppressed by his regal father, his only consolation being his budding romance with the similarly child-like Alice Tinker. Aww, bless.

Played by James Fleet

James began his acting career in tiny, thankless roles in the 1980s (he played the illustrious character "Man in Office" in Dempsey and Makepeace, for example). But then came the 90s, when he achieved recognition in films like Four Weddings and a Funeral and Sense and Sensibility.

In recent years he's been in Sea of Souls, Midsomer Murders and the Steve Coogan movie A Cock and Bull Story ? neatly disproving the high school teacher who once wrote on his report card: "James is the stupidest boy I have ever had to teach, out of all the stupid boys I have ever had to teach."