About Two Doors Down

Neighbours. Everybody needs good neighbours. So sang a certain little Aussie soap, and it’s true. But you don’t get to pick who you live next door to, you just have to try and get along.

Two Doors Down

Alex Norton as Eric Baird and Arabella Weir as Beth Baird in Two Doors Down.

That's certainly the case for Eric and Beth Baird, residents of a quiet Glasgow suburban street in this bittersweet comedy. They're an easy-going, friendly couple, with a likeable son, Ian. They'll happily put up with the antics of Ian's sweet but goofy boyfriend, Jaz, whose prone to make the occasional faux pas - if anything is going to put the Bairds' hospitality to the test, it's their neighbours.

Yes, the cordial and considerate Bairds are surrounded! On one side, they have calamitous couple Colin and Cathy. Colin is a tedious know-it-all and Cathy is a bossy snob with short fuse and something of a drinking problem. On the other side is single mother Christine, a freeloading, whinging, hypochondriac. Her daughter Sophie is a lovely girl but, even though she's now an adult, her mother likes to keep her on a short leash.

These nightmare neighbours would test anyone's patience, but the Bairds want to keep the peace and what follows is the kind of awkward interactions that we can all relate to in this beautifully acted and sharply observed Scottish sitcom.