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The Rebel

Henry Palmer (Simon Callow) is 70. He looks every bit the respectable, fine, upstanding citizen. Except that underneath it all he's not.

Henry's not the kindly, frail epitome of what we used to think of as 'old'. Oh no.

For 50 years he's been putting his youthful past behind him; or perhaps more accurately, brushing it under the floral patterned carpet. In the Sixties he was a Mod, a regular visitor to Brighton on his mirrored up Lambretta scooter, dressed in a Parka, ready for a rumble with the Rockers on their motorbikes.

Back then he was tooled up to smash deckchairs on the beach.

These days he sits on them to take in the view.

Because that's what you do when you've retired to Brighton...

Recently bereaved by the loss of his long-suffering wife, Henry shares this adjustment with his slightly impossible daughter, Cath (Anna Crilly). She's a Pet Therapist and married to her utterly ineffectual husband, Jeremy (Amit Shah).

If it's possible to say or do the wrong thing to bring out the worst in Henry then Cath does... like constantly putting the glossy brochure for the 'Golden Copse Retirement Village' under his nose.

But the Rebel in Henry never really went away. It was just brewing...

Infuriated by sushi, posh coffee, modern art and driven by a heightened sense of injustice, Henry's had enough.

He shares his rebellion with charity shop owner Margaret (Anita Dobson) and best friend, old hippie, Charles (Bill Paterson).

Accused of attacking a suspected shop-lifter he apprehends, Henry assaults a police officer who intervenes with a charity shop teddy bear. It looks soft and fluffy but its nose is deceptively hard.

Cath suggests her father bides his time quietly before the trial to make sure he doesn't make things worse.

So Henry sets fire to a cash-point, ram raids a supermarket with a shopping trolley and defiles a church font; nothing is sacred or off limits for The Rebel.

Adapted from his own the strip cartoon 'The Rebel' in 'The Oldie', Andrew Birch has created an anarchic, anti-establishment pensioner on steroids for the 21st Century.

And he's had enough of sitting on deck chairs. So they better watch out...