The Story of Only Fools and Horses Episode Guide

We're giving viewers unprecedented access to John Sullivan’s Peckham-based masterpiece.

The Story of Only Fools and Horses Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Brothers In Arms

Brothers In Arms explores the relationship between Del and Rodney Trotter, which is at the heart of each of the 64 episodes. The on-screen chemistry and off-screen relationship of two of the greatest comedy actors of the last fifty years was pivotal for the show, and a key factor in how Only Fools quickly developed from being a modest sitcom to becoming the jewel in the BBC's crown. This episode also features a rare Christmas sketch the cast performed, which hasn't been broadcast in over 28 years.

Episode 2 - Deals And Misdemeanours

A round up of all the hooky deals and bent gear the Trotters 'knocked out' in and around the markets stalls of Peckham. Whether it was masquerading as chandelier cleaners, flogging turban crash helmets or getting into music management with Tony Angelino, Del always had an eye for a get-rich-quick scheme. The episode also explores how Del got his market trader look and features a rare sketch from over thirty years ago which the cast performed for the Royal Family.

Episode 3 - Friends And Enemies

Friends and Enemies takes an in-depth look at the characters who revolve around Del and Rodney's world including Trigger, Boycie, Denzil, Mickey and Del's arch enemy DCI Slater. Shedding light on how the supporting characters would become comedy icons in their own right are original cast members John Challis, Sue Holderness and Patrick Murray, together with insights from the shows biggest fans such as Jonathan Ross, Danny Baker and Theo Paphitis.

Episode 4 - Peckham And Beyond

In this edition we look at the area that was at the heart of the comedy and what happened when the cast and crew got out of the studio and filmed on location in Monaco, Margate and Miami. The episode features previously unseen and foreign remakes of the show which include Dutch, Portuguese and Slovenian versions of Del and Rodney's most famous scenes.

Episode 5 - Behind The Scenes

With unprecedented access and revealing rehearsal tapes never seen on TV before, this episode examines the process writer John Sullivan and the cast and crew went through to create each episode of Only Fools, from the script right through to the live recording. Also featured is how Sullivan wrote and recorded the theme tune, the secrets of the three-wheeler van and, for the first time ever, a specially recorded sketch from the early 90s where Del, Rodney and Uncle Albert send a message to British troops abroad.

Episode 6 - Family Matters

Family Matters looks back at the roles of Grandad and Uncle Albert and explores how, over the years, the family expanded to include wives, partners and children. The final episode also looks back at John Sullivan's other great comedy work including Citizen Smith and Rock and Chips. And, as well as discovering a deleted scene, there is also a lost episode which has never been shown on British TV before featuring Del, Rodney and Grandad.