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Knowing Me, Knowing You... with Alan Partridge

Series 1

Knowing Me, Knowing You... with Alan Partridge

  • 01/01

    Steve Coogan's spoof chat show hosted by the hapless Alan Partridge. Guests include champion showjumper Sue Lewis, singer Shona McGough, and presenter Keith Hunt.

  • 01/02

    Steve Coogan's Alan Partridge asks questions that are just downright insulting in the spoof chat show - but is agony aunt Daniela Forest male or female?

  • 01/03

    Spoof talk show hosted by the man who made 'sports casual' what it is today. The erotic dance troupe booked on the show aren't quite what Alan was expecting.

  • 01/04

    Alan Partridge presents a French edition of the show 'live' from Paris, with co-host Nina Vanier, the French Sue Lawley. Guests include fashion dame Yvonne Boyd.

  • 01/05

    Just who will be Miss Norwich? Steve Coogan's socially inept Alan Partridge tries to chair a political debate - Jeremy Paxman need not worry.

  • 01/06

    The spoof chat show welcomes Hollywood directors Scott and Dean, two lesbian presenters and restaurant critic and raconteur Forbes McAllister. Aha!