Ealing Comedy Season

From 1947 (Hue And Cry) to 1958 (Davy), the Ealing Comedy became one of the most loved and iconic British film brands of the 20th century. Its stable of directors, writers and actors included the likes of Alec Guinness, Stanley Holloway and Alistair Sim, and included appearances by Peter Sellers, Sid James, Margaret Rutherford, Donald Pleasance, Jack Warner, Herbet Lom and even David Niven.

Sundays at 2pm, from Sunday 18th September

Sundays at 2pm, from Sunday 18th September

Who Done It?

Sunday 18th September, 1.55pm

Ealing's last comedy has Benny Hill making his screen debut in this film about an ice rink sweeper who dreams of being a private investigator. His dream comes true when he manages to capture a ring of spies. (1956)

A Run For Your Money

Sunday 18th September, 3.35pm

Twm and Dai Jones (Meredith Edwards and Donald Houston), two brothers from a small mining village in Wales, win a coal-cutting competition and set off for London to claim their prize. There, the rural innocents are supposed to be escorted by newspaper reporter Mr Whimple (Alex Guinness), but they fail to make the rendezvous and instead get into various scrapes including a long pub crawl that ends up in a pawn shop and being taken for a ride by a pretty con woman, Jo (Moira Lister). Also starring Harry Secombe. (1949)


Sunday 18th September, 5.15pm

A young entertainer (Harry Secombe) is conflicted over the chance of a big break. He has to decide whether to remain with his family's music hall act or to go solo. (1958)

Passport To Pimlico

Sunday 18th September, 8pm

When an unexploded WWII bomb is unexpectedly detonated in Pimlico, it reveals a buried cellar full of treasures, including an ancient document proving that the area is in fact part of Burgundy, France and thus foreign territory. In an attempt to regain control, the British Government sets up borders and cut off all services to the area, but the 'Burgundians' are determined to fight back. (1949)

The Magnet

Sunday 25th September, 4pm

A young James Fox stars as Johnny Brent, a mischievous boy who tricks a younger boy (Keith Robinson) into giving him his magnet in return for an 'invisible' clock. Having successfully obtained the magnet, Johnny immediately starts to feel guilty about his swindling behaviour. His guilt sparks a chain of misplaced assumptions that lead to a search being mounted for the boy, who has run away after becoming convinced that he is wanted for murder. (1950)

Meet Mr Lucifer

Sunday 25th September, 5.15pm

A TV set given as a retirement present is sold on to different households causing misery each time. Look out for appearances by Gordon Jackson and Joan Sims. (1953)

Kind Hearts And Coronets

Sunday 25th September, 8pm

Alec Guinness features in eight different roles as the unsuspecting members of the aristocratic D'Ascoyne family - murdered one by one by their scheming, outcast cousin Louis Mazzini (Dennis Price). Mazzini's mother was a D'Ascoyne by birth, but when she ran away with an opera singer she was ostracised by her family as a result. When her dying wish to be buried in the family crypt is refused, Louis vows to get his revenge. As he ascends the social ranks, he is torn between his love for now-married, and equally devilish, childhood sweetheart, Sibella (Joan Greenwood), and the saintly wife of one of his victims, Edith D'Ascoyne (Valerie Hobson). (1949)