Greats At Eight: Porridge

Throughout January, Gold kicks off the New Year by serving up some of the best sitcoms of all time, with week-nightly double episodes that showcase the best from each one.

Greats At Eight: Porridge

The Greats At Eight strand starts with the legendary Ronnie Barker prison-based series, Porridge, then moves onto Richard Curtis and Ben Elton's masterpiece, Blackadder.

Greats At Eight continues with more Ronnie Barker laughs with Open All Hours, while the month finishes with the daddy of them all, Only Fools And Horses.

Tuesday 2nd January at 8pm

In A Day Out Fletcher and a group of prisoners have been allowed out for the day to dig drainage ditches for the local council but, when Mr Barraclough is left in charge, Fletch and the others are quick to take advantage. Next, Fletch is hell-bent on a cushy job in the library but needs to find a way back into McKay's good books in Ways and Means.

Wednesday 3rd January at 8pm

When a bottle of pills goes missing from the doctor's surgery, Harry Grout is worried that the investigation will jeopardise some of his activities in A Storm In A Teacup. Then, in Poetic Justice, Fletcher's new cellmate turns out to be the judge who sentenced him! While other inmates have scores to settle with the surprising new inmate, Fletch realises that the judge has the Governor's ear.

Thursday 4th January at 8pm

In Rough Justice, Fletcher is worried that Judge Rawley might rob him of his main source of income -writing letters for illiterate inmates. Next, Blanco Webb is due to be paroled, but he doesn't accept it, as he would be admitting guilt when he has always protested his innocence. So, Fletcher and the rest of Slade Prison petition to the Home Office for Blanco to be pardoned.

Friday 5th January at 8pm

Finally, Godber is working hard for an extra qualification but Fletcher tries to persuade him that cheating is the best way to ensure success in A Test Of Character. Then, in Final Stretch - the concluding episode of the third series - a fight with another inmate puts Godber's parole hearing in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Fletcher is suspicious of his daughter's holiday plans.