Greats At Eight: Open All Hours

Throughout January, Gold is serving up some of the best sitcoms of all time, with week-nightly double episodes that showcase the best from each one.

Greats At Eight: Open All Hours

Greats At Eight focuses on a different classic comedy each week - at the end of January we'll be looking at the daddy of them all, Only Fools and Horses, but right now it's the turn of Roy Clarke's glorious grocery store sitcom, starring Ronnie Barker and David Jason.

Monday 15th January at 8pm

In Full Of Mysterious Promise, Arkwright's eye for a bargain fails to spot that his tins of food don't have any labels. But will his customers be willing to take part in a gastronomic lottery? Next, in A Mattress On Wheels, Granville is finding it difficult to deliver the groceries on his ancient delivery bike and sets about trying to persuade the penny-pinching Arkwright to buy him a van.

Tuesday 16th January at 8pm

In A Nice Cosy Little Disease, Arkwright needs an ailment to get the attention of Nurse Gladys who he feels has been neglecting him . Then, in Beware Of The Dog, Arkwright takes action when his corner shop is broken into and employs a large dog to guard his property. Unfortunately it's more successful at keeping customers at bay than any burglars who may be about.

Wednesday 17th January at 8pm

In Well Catered Funeral, Arkwright's thriftiness is sorely tested when a friend dies. Is a miniature wreath appropriate for the service? Is it alright to deduct an outstanding account from the funeral collection? Next, in Apples And Self Service, slow apple sales leads Arkwright to have a sales drive with Gravnille demonstrating the product, very reluctantly. But a self-service experiment has him more worried than ever about shoplifters.

Thursday 18th January at 8pm

In Laundry Blues, Nurse Gladys Emmanuel has a problem with her washing machine, which turns into a major nightmare for Arkwright and he's forced to come up with an ingenious plan to keep her happy and his savings undisturbed. Then, in The Reluctant Traveller, Nurse Gladys and Arkwright are finally going to go away together and spend the night at a hotel and Granville can't believe his luck when the milkwoman makes a pass at him.

Friday 19th January at 8pm

In Fig Biscuit And Inspirational Toilet Rolls, Arkwright and Granville have to shift some over-stocked items, namely fig biscuits and lavatory paper. Cue Arkwright's marketing genius. Finally, in The New Suit, Arkwright needs a new suit, but is too mean to buy one. After finally being persuaded to make the purchase by Nurse Gladys, he reluctantly agrees - but only if he can find the same outdated style somewhere.