Greats At Eight: Only Fools and Horses

Throughout January, Gold is serving up some of the best sitcoms of all time, with week-nightly double episodes that showcase the best from each one.

Greats At Eight: Only Fools and Horses

Greats At Eight focuses on a different classic comedy each week. January ends with Still Open All Hours and in February expect the likes of Dinnerladies, The Vicar Of Dibley, Fawlty Towers and The Good Life but, right now, we've lined up a whole market stall of cushty Only Fools episodes - and they're not knock offs, they're the real deal.

Monday 22nd January at 8pm

In Homesick, the broken lifts in the Trotters' tower block are causing Grandad's legs to play up. Next, in Healthy Competition, Rodney feels it's time to go it alone and prove himself but Del and Grandad aren't so sure.

Tuesday 23rd January at 8pm

In Friday The 14th, Del's latest foolproof scheme to become a millionaire concerns game fishing - unfortunately the game is rained off. Then, in Yesterday Never Comes, Del goes into the antiques business. Could it be that he has something of value?

Wednesday 24th January at 8pm

In May The Force Be With You, a ripple of panic runs through the Nag's Head when Del's old school enemy Slater arrives back in town, hell bent on revenge and brandishing his police badge. Next, in Wanted, Rodney's kindly nature and Del's mischievous sense of humour combine to give the whole Trotter family a worrying time.

Thursday 25th January at 8pm

In Who's A Pretty Boy?, the Trotters embark on a decorating venture only to find the paint fumes don't appear to agree with Corrine's pet budgie. Can Grandad find a replacement before she gets home? Next, in Happy Returns, a new spark of romance in Rodney's life rekindles an old flame in Del's.

Friday 26th January at 8pm

In Strained Relations, there is sadness as the Trotter clan meets at Grandad's funeral but Del and Rodney are suspicious of a certain seafaring uncle. Finally, in Hole In One, Uncle Albert seems to have established himself in the lives of Del and Rodney and the pair soon discover that their seafaring Uncle has hidden depths.