About Murder on the Blackpool Express

Created and written by comedian Jason Cook, Murder On The Blackpool Express follows Terry (Johnny Vegas), a despondent coach driver who's stuck in a rut.

Murder on the Blackpool Express

He has no goal or passions, apart from an unrequited love interest in tour organiser, Gemma (Sian Gibson). But everything changes when an OAP dies under suspicious circumstances and Terry suspects something sinister is afoot.

Soon the number of passengers has seriously dwindled and Terry feels compelled to solve the mystery and save Gemma's business; hopefully winning her love in the process.

With everyone a suspect and a potential next victim, can Terry and Gemma keep the group together, address their burgeoning attraction for each other, fend off the police, and make it to Blackpool Tower with their lives intact?

The star-studded cast includes Nigel Havers, Una Stubbs, Griff Rhys Jones, Nina Wadia, Sheila Reid, Kevin Eldon, Mark Heap, Kimberley Nixon, Katy Cavanagh, Matthew Cottle, Susie Blake and Javone Prince.