About Monty Python's Best Bits (Mostly)

Some of the biggest names in comedy take a look at the Pythons' greatest moments.

Monty Python's Best Bits (Mostly)

Following Gold's live broadcast of the Monty Python team's last-ever performance in July, this new five-part series looks at the group's influence on the comedy world.

Monty Python's Best Bits (Mostly) brings together some of the biggest names in comedy, who reveal how the group influenced their own careers and changed comedy forever.

Steve Coogan, Mike Myers, Stephen Fry and Matt Lucas are just some of those who explain what makes the Pythons so special and the impact they had on their own material.

The series features some of Monty Python's best sketches - including the dead parrot sketch and Ministry of Silly walks - and explores how these went on to influence other writers and performers.

This is the definitive series on the mighty Pythons and their comedy legacy.