Welcome to the #BunnyLeague

We want YOU to decide which bunny rules them all

Bunny League - Grand Final

Bunny League - Grand Final

Who is the smartest, funniest and er, carrot-iest bunny of them all? You tell us!

This Easter we're pitting eight of the most famous bunnies of all time against each other and it's up to you to decide the winner.

Hoping (or should that be hopping?) to win your votes are...

Roger Rabbit

He's the frantic, hyperactive and over-anxious rabbit who became a box office sensation back in 1988, but is Roger Rabbit in the frame to walk off with our title?

Peter Rabbit

Peter is never seen without his iconic blue jacket and shoes - well, except for that incident in Mr McGregor's Garden. At a creaky 112 years-old, he's the great grandbunny of the list - but is older necessarily better?

Duracell Bunny

Famous for going on and on and on and on, the Duracell Bunny became a household name thanks to the TV ads. Will this battery bunny's staying power make him first past the finish line?


So called because of his habit of thumping his left hind foot - rather than a tendency to lash out after a night out - Thumper is one hippety hoppety little rabbit. Is Bambi's best friend also the best in show?

Cadbury's Bunny

This sassy rabbit, who memorably likes to take it easy, was voted the third sexiest cartoon character of all time - finishing behind Jessica Rabbit and Betty Boop. She was robbed! Will her 'come hither' looks woo our voters?

Bugs Bunny

Carrot-muncher Bugs has appeared in more movies than any other cartoon character and even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We'll be asking "What's up, doc?" if he doesn't go far in the contest.


Overly responsible, overly protective and overly practical, Rabbit probably wouldn't be a barrel of laughs on a night out but he did help Winnie The Pooh and friends out of several spots of bother. Can he outwit the other contenders to win our #BunnyLeague?

Were Rabbit

The fearsome Were Rabbit caused chaos for Wallace and Gromit at the Giant Vegetable Competition featured in the pair's big screen debut. Will he have a similar devastating impact on our contest?

To get your bunny to the final all you have to do is tweet, re-tweet, like, comment or share the name of your favourite.

Look out for their ears popping up all over our Facebook and Twitter profiles and make sure you use the hashtag #BunnyLeague

We'll stop rabbiting on now...