All About Spike

Spike Milligan was a truly unique comic genius who broke new ground with his brand of eccentric humour.

Spike Milligan

Through a combination of his career-spanning chat show appearances, interviews and performance archive, 'Spike Milligan: The Interviews' tells his story in his words.

Spike's multi-faceted career spanned over 50 years. He was the driving force behind the ground breaking radio series 'The Goon Show', went on to make numerous TV series for the BBC, was an accomplished jazz musician, and he was also a prolific writer - publishing work across a wide range of genres.

Never one to shy away from airing his opinions, Spike would poke fun at the most sacred subjects and regularly campaigned to raise awareness for causes he was passionate about.

Respected far beyond the world of comedy, Spike was without doubt one of the greatest - and most eccentric - performers this country has ever seen.