All About Kenneth

Ohhhh Matron! The Interviews revisits the incredible career of the Carry On favourite.

The Interviews

Episode one pieces together the fascinating life story of one of the Britain's best-loved entertainers and the master of the double entendre, Kenneth Williams.

Kenneth was a star of stage, radio, television and film, best known for his sharp innuendos and the 'Carry On' films, having appeared in a staggering 26 of them. Through countless interviews and mesmerisingly funny archive material, from visiting his old family homes to revisiting the town he was evacuated to during the Second World War, this is a nostalgic look back at his dazzling 40-year career and private life, told in his very own words.

Unsurprisingly, Kenneth was God's gift to chat shows. When once asked by Michael Parkinson what he thought of critics, he replied, 'I loathe them, they're like the eunuchs in the harem - they're there every night, they see it done every night, but they can't do it themselves.'

Never short of an anecdote or gag, Kenneth lit up the nation's talk show sofas with his gleaming wit, but his own life story had a much darker side.

In interviews with some of the finest chat show hosts like Frost, Parkinson, Wogan, Aspel and Harty, Kenneth talks openly about his frustrations, phobias and his darkest moments.

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