About Human Remains

Julia Davis and Rob Brydon play six different couples in this dark comedy series from 2000.

Human Remains

There?s Flick, who cannot have intimate relations with her husband Peter because she still pines for her deceased true love Geoffrey, B&B owners and swingers Gordon and Sheila, groom-to-be Stephen with his latent homosexual tendencies, Satanists Tony and Beverley, and the dysfunctional Les and Ray.

Each episode features near-the-knuckle laughs as we delive into the warped world of dysfunctional human relationships.

Following the series, Julia Davis went on to write and star in the critically-acclaimed Nighty Night while Rob Brydon became a star thanks to Gavin & Stacey and The Trip.

Human Remains is part of the Gold After Dark Season.

Watch it on Sundays at 12.20am from 7 September.