What is Henry IX?

Henry IX is our new show here at Gold, but what's it all about?

The cast of Henry IX

Henry IX is our brand new comedy on Gold, starring Charles Edwards, Sally Phillips, Annette Crosbie, Don Warrington, Colin Salmon, and Kara Tointon.

The three-part series features a classic story of a forty-something man suffering a mid-life crisis and looking to escape from his current situation - but this forty-something man also happens to be the King of Great Britain and the Commonwealth.

Set in the entirely fictional, but contemporary court of King Henry IX, the series sees Henry struggle to make changes to his life in the face of centuries of tradition and a Royal household who are fairly sure they have his - and if not certainly have their own - best interests at heart.

Having experienced a profound crisis of confidence bought on via a meeting with some young rap artists, Henry decides that he and the country at large will be best served if he abdicates in favour of his 23-year-old son Alistair - a person better equipped to 'connect' with this younger generation.

These plans are hampered in turn by aloof wife Queen Katerina, dotty mother Queen Charlotte, loyal but ultra-royalist valet Gilbert and harried equerry Major Francis Hornsby-Bray.

Things are further complicated by Henry's burgeoning relationship with Palace florist Serena and the fact that Alistair happens to be gay - and prior to any accession to the throne would ideally like to marry his Australian lover Quinton in Westminster Abbey.