Harry Enfield and Chums

OI. NO! Harry Enfield creates an array of charming and utterly charmless characters in his hilarious award-winning series, also starring Kathy Burke and Paul Whitehouse.

Harry Enfield

The shows feature appearances by the uproarious Wayne and Waynetta Slob, who split up to save their children from the stigma of having the only attached parents on their estate; the rancorous Old Gits, who are finally killed off in 'Four Funerals and a Wedding', Kevin The Teenager and Tim Nice-But-Dim, well-intentioned, well-bred, but unfortunately very in-bred as well.

Get nostalgic with a bit of:

Oi No! Brriilliant! Only me! You don't wanna do it like that... I'm considerably richer than you Calm Down, Calm Down And of course making loadsamoney!!