About The Green Green Grass

Escape to the country with a difference, as Boycie and Marlene go on the run.

From Peckham and beyond

The Green Green Grass was created and initially written by John Sullivan, as a spin-off of the long running sitcom Only Fools and Horses. The series ran for four series and three Christmas specials shown between 2005 and 2009.

Pride becomes before a fall

The series follows Boycie (John Challis), his wife Marlene (Sue Holderness) and their son Tyler forced to flee Peckham to escape the Driscoll brothers. They relocate to Shropshire where Boycie has high hopes of becoming lord of the manor. Attempts at remaining undiscovered go hilariously wrong thanks to Boycie?s pride ? he poses for a picture at the local Agricultural Ball.

Sleepless in Peckham

Writer originally wanted to write a prequel to Only Fools, but the idea was shelved and he came up with The Green Green Grass. To introduce the ?sit? of the ?com?, Sullivan wrote the Driscoll Brothers into the episode of Only Fools, Sleepless in Peckham. He later got his wish for a prequel and Rock and Chips was commissioned in 2009.

Sullivan on song

Echoing a decision made for the second series of Only Fools and Horses, John Sullivan decided to compose a theme song that explained the premise of the series. As with the parent show, Sullivan not only wrote the theme tune, he performed it too.

Status Quo

At one point it was rumoured that Status Quo would perform the theme tune. This wasn?t to be, but they did perform over the end credits for the series four episode Animal Instincts. They heard but not scene performing at a charity concert set up by Tyler.

Like father, like son

John Sullivan?s brother Jim also wrote episodes for the series.