Greats At Eight: The Good Life

Throughout February, Gold is serving up some of the best sitcoms of all time, with week-nightly double episodes from 8pm that showcase the best from each one.

Greats At Eight: The Good Life

Greats At Eight focuses on a different classic comedy each week. In March we have Gavin & Stacey but, right now, it's the turn of the heartwarming and hilarious sitcom, The Good Life. Follow the trials and tribulations of self-sufficiency in suburbia as Tom and Barbara Good (Richard Briers and Felicity Kendall) pack in the rat race and attempt to live off the land despite the reservations of uppity neighbours Margo and Jerry Leadbetter (Penelope Keith and Paul Eddington).

Monday 26th February at 8pm

In The Windbreak War, war breaks out between the Goods and the Leadbetters when Margo's new garden feature threatens to keep Tom and Barbara's crops in the shade. Well, there's nothing like a good fight over the fence to cement relationships. Next, in Whose Fleas Are These?, it's embarrassing enough when Tom and Barbara find themselves with fleas. But can they protect Jerry and Margo from these unwanted guests?

Tuesday 27th February at 8pm

In The Last Posh Frock, Barbara tries to retain one small slither of femininity and glamour, despite her work-worn hands and a ruined dress. It doesn't help when Tom only seems to have eyes for Barbara's old school friend, Eileen, though. Then, in Away From It All, the Leadbetters are left to look after the animals when Tom and Barbara take a much-needed weekend break in a luxury Mayfair flat belonging to a friend of Jerry's.

Wednesday 28th February at 8pm

In The Green Door, when Margo she is less than honest about her activities, the Goods can't help thinking the worst. They spot her visiting a London flat when she's supposed to be horse riding and they suspect she's having an affair. Then, in Our Speaker Today Barbara gets Margo out of a fix when a speaker at her society lets her down. But Barbara's talk on self-sufficiency to the Townswomen's Guild turns out to be too much of a success...

Thursday 1st March at 8pm

In The Weaver's Tale, when Margo buys a spinning wheel at an antique shop, Tom buys a loom so he can make his own woollen clothes. Meanwhile, Jerry seeks Barbara's advice about Margo's extravagant spending. Next, in Suit Yourself, The Goods find new ways to put their loom to good use, while Margo and Jerry are preparing for an important dinner party in which Jerry's boss will announce his retirement and Jerry has his eye on a possible promotion.

Friday 2nd March at 8pm

In Sweet and Sour Charity, a neighbour has moved and Tom schemes to take the oil from her central heating tank. Meanwhile, Jerry is trying to discredit a colleague and Margo lands a leading role in the Music Society's latest production. Finally, in The Anniversary, with the second anniversary of their self-sufficiency drive approaching, disaster has struck. Much of the Goods' garden is unusable and Geraldine isn't producing any milk. Has the good life finally come to an end for Tom and Barbara?