Greats At Eight: Fawlty Towers

Throughout February, Gold is serving up some of the best sitcoms of all time, with week-nightly double episodes from 8pm that showcase the best from each one.

Greats At Eight: Fawlty Towers

Greats At Eight focuses on a different classic comedy each week. Later this month we have The Good Life but, right now, it's the turn of the classic comedy about the insane antics of hapless hotel manager Basil Fawlty (John Cleese), who's about as far away from good customer service as a person can be.

Monday 19th February at 8pm

In Gourmet Night, Basil hopes a special dinner event will bring out the cream of Torquay society but when he discovers that his chef is hopelessly drunk, he has to find a replacement main course at the last minute. Next, in The Builders, construction work needs to be done in the hotel lobby and, behind Sybil's back, Basil quickly accepts the lowest bid for the job. But he'll soon discover why O'Reilly and his crew are so inexpensive.

Tuesday 20th February at 8pm

In A Touch Of Class, Basil tries to attract a better class of clientele to the hotel so Lord Melbury's arrival is quite timely. But is the aristocrat all that he seems? Then, in The Anniversary, Basil - actually doing something thoughtful for a change - plans a surprise party for his and Sybil's 15th wedding anniversary. However, it seems a gamble to pretend to his wife that he's actually forgotten all about the occasion and so, when the guests arrive, there is one vital element missing.

Wednesday 21st February at 8pm

In Communication Problems, Basil makes the mistake of entrusting his gambling winnings to the Major and then makes a second mistake by taking on the deaf and bad-tempered guest Mrs Richards. Next, in The Wedding Party, Basil is outraged by a young, flirtatious couple and their promiscuous behaviour so he tries his best to pour cold water on their passion.

Thursday 22nd February at 8pm

It's a double bill of hilarious hotel inspection! In Basil The Rat, havoc ensues when a public health inspector threatens to close the hotel and Manuel's pet rat escapes from his cage. Meanwhile, in The Hotel Inspectors, Basil is terrified when he hears some hotel inspectors are in town checking out places incognito. To his horror, he realises that the guests he's been abusing could be one of them!

Friday 23rd February at 8pm

In Waldorf Salad, an American traveller demands a level of service beyond what is usually provided at the Torquay Riviera and a seemingly simple salad order sends shock waves through the hotel. Finally, in The Psychiatrist, a medallion man, a pair of psychiatrists, a pretty Australian girl and a ladder cause Basil a whole heap of embarrassment.