about the show

Catherine Tate, Miles Jupp and Sian Gibson lead the cast of this brand-new, hour long comedy on Gold.

Do Not Disturb

At the Yorick Hotel, estranged husband and wife Anna (Catherine Tate) and John (Miles Jupp) find themselves, to their mutual surprise, attempting a reconciliation after her extra marital affair with a much younger man.

Anna has already checked into the honeymoon suite and her husband unexpectedly heads to the room a short while later. To add to their confusion, unbeknown to the couple, a 21-year-old man is lying comatose, semi-naked and asleep in the bathtub, recovering from a rowdy stag do.

What happens next will either make or break their marriage for good. Anna now has to come up with a plan to deal with well-meaning though hapless front-of-house hotel staff including receptionist Sheila (Gibson) and Neil (Steve Edge); the bathroom lothario and two scantily-clad escort girls - all the while frantically attempting not to ignite the suspicions of her increasingly aroused husband.

Don't miss Do Not Disturb when it arrives on Gold in January 2016.