John Macmillan (Chad)

From celebrated BBC Three sketch show Famalam to harrowing drama King Lear with Anthony Hopkins, John can do it all. We caught up with the actor about his latest role in Dial M.

John Macmillan (Chad)

What made you so eager to appear in Dial M for Middlesbrough?

The script! It was hilarious. That was the first thing that appealed. When I was reading it in a cafe, I found myself laughing out loud repeatedly. I thought, "OK, this very rarely happens. This is genuinely really funny." I'd seen the previous two films which I thought were very good. I also knew that Ed Bye is a great director. So I was delighted when I was offered a part in it. It's been an absolute pleasure to be part of it.

Have you enjoyed working with Johnny and Sian?

Absolutely. They're both brilliant and lovely to work with. They are very generous, warm, helpful, collaborative, playful and inclusive. It also really helps to have the writer, Jason Cook, on set. It's very handy. Sometimes he will change a line if he thinks of a funnier one. That's so helpful.

How would you characterise Chad?

He's an American tourist backpacking across Europe. The term I've come up with is that he is an Instagram hippie. He might be the kind of guy who believes in saving the planet, but he will probably take a lot of pictures of himself doing that. He happens to be in the caravan park when the murders start happening. It is traumatic, but Chad is someone who feels that he can grow and learn from this experience. He is also a bit of a thorn in the side of Terry. They are chalk and cheese.

How did you find it doing an American accent?

I've had to do an American accent a lot before in plays. I'm also in a sketch show called Famalam where we are required to play 30 people per episode. That's tremendous fun, and it means that I have got quite good at doing different accents. My American accent also comes from a lifetime of ingesting American sitcoms and popular culture.

Do you have a favourite American show?

Seeing as we are working on a murder mystery, I love Mindhunter. It's about serial killers. It's terrifying, but gripping.

Why are we so fond of murder mysteries?

It has something to do with the fact that human beings are problem solvers by nature. We are hardwired to get to the bottom of things. That's why everyone can get into a whodunnit. It's something inherent to us.

Why is it appropriate that this is broadcasting at Christmas?

Because it's fun for the whole family. It's the kind of thing when I was a kid that everybody would be able to sit down and watch after a big meal. I hope everyone will have a laugh while eating Christmas cake. I will most definitely be doing that!