Annette Crosbie (Edna)

We caught up with the veteran actress, perhaps best known for playing the long-suffering wife of Victor Meldrew in the BBC classic One Foot in the Grave.

Annette Crosbie (Edna)

Have you enjoyed working with this wonderful team?

Yes. It was a lovely production, for all the reasons that I do this job.

Tell us more.

You become a part of a large family, all doing a job they enjoy, with people they grow to know and admire. That includes the crew, make-up, costume, props, everyone. If it's a comedy, so much the better.

Has it been fun doing scenes with Johnny?

Definitely. I may not be able to act with Johnny Vegas again. I found it difficult to keep a straight face. So horror being registered became a battle of wills.

And the rest of the cast?

Phil Davis is a dark horse. Through it all, Sian Gibson kept a serene, happy face, while dealing with shoes that were agony. I miss them all.