Dad's Army 50th Anniversary

Fifty years ago, two budding comedy writers - Jimmy Perry and David Croft - saw their lives change forever with a landmark BBC broadcast.

Dad's Army 50th Anniversary

On 31st July 1968 at 8.20pm, BBC One showed the first episode of a sitcom based on Jimmy Perry's early life in the Watford Home Guard during World War II. Dad's Army would run for a further nine years and 80 episodes, and became a British comedy classic.

Now, for its 50th anniversary, Gold is showing the very first episode at the exact time and on the exact date it was first broadcast in 1968.

The same week, we'll also have classic Dad's Army episodes, Christmas specials and comedy drama We're Doomed - The Dad's Army Story about the making of the sitcom.

Dad's Army - The Man and the Hour

Tuesday 31st July at 8.20pm

The story begins in May 1940 with Sir Anthony Eden's plea to men to come forward as Local Defence Volunteers. In the fictional town of Walmington, the pompous bank manager George Mainwaring (Arthur Lowe) declares himself commanding officer and gathers together a loyal but incompetent platoon of local men to defend the town against invasion, including Sergeant Wilson (John Le Mesurier), Lance Corporal Jones (Clive Jones), Private Frazer (John Laurie), Private Walker (James Beck), Private Godfrey (Arnold Ridley) and Private Pike (Ian Lavender). But, in the absence of weapons and uniforms, the boys are forced to make do with pepper and armbands.