About The Brittas Empire

Put ten pence in the locker slot and check in to the Whitbury Leisure Centre. You may come out physically fit, but whether you come out in fine mental health is a different matter!

The Brittas Empire

Neverending story

Series five was originally meant to be the end for Gordon Brittas ? quite literally, as the series ended with him apparently crushed to death by a falling water tank.

Such was the show?s popularity that two further series were made, with the show?s creators, Norriss and Fegen, being replaced.

Location, location

The location used for the Whitbury Leisure Centre was Ringwood Recreation Centre in Hampshire. Other locations were used around the town.

Life is but a dream

The finale of Series Seven saw Brittas awaking from a dream where he is on his way to the interview for the job of as Manager of Whitbury Leisure Centre.

Get Fit with Brittas

The show spawned six ten-minute "Get Fit with Brittas" specials to promote healthy living.