About Bridget & Eamon

The raucous Irish comedy show about a bickering couple that positively revels its tacky 1980s setting, sending up everything that dodgy decade had to offer in the way of fashion, fads and foibles.

About Bridget & Eamon

Bridget and Eamon are the type of husband and wife who find it almost impossible to live together, but nigh on impossible to live without each other as well. So, whilst they may be at each other's throats most of the time, nagging and squabbling and generally not seeing eye to eye, neither of them are going anywhere.

Living deep in the heart of suburbia, in a nondescript town, in a nondescript area of Ireland, Bridget (Jennifer Zamparelli) is an uptight, selfish, chain-smoking housewife with glasses as big as two window panes, whilst Eamon (Bernard O'Shea) is a bitter and begrudging halfwit.

It's the glorious Eighties so expect oversized shoulder pads, cigarettes, tacky soap operas, yuppies, more cigarettes, synth-pop, Sony Walkmans, Farrah Fawcett-style hair dos, mobile phones the size of bricks, cigarettes and yet more cigarettes.

The show originated from a series of sketches that Jennifer and Bernard performed on Irish TV show, Republic of Telly. The satirical review and magazine programme, which ran for eight years, featured the pair as correspondents, conducting reports, vox pops and celebrity interviews. They created the Bridget & Eamon skits initially as a way to mock the bad old 1980s in Ireland but their unique brand of hilariously nasty nostalgia took off and won them their own sitcom.