Greats At Eight: Blackadder

Throughout January, Gold kicks off the New Year by serving up some of the best sitcoms of all time, with week-nightly double episodes that showcase the best from each one.

Greats At Eight: Blackadder

Greats At Eight focuses on a different classic comedy each week. Coming up later are the likes of Open All Hours and Only Fools And Horses but right now it's the turn of Richard Curtis and Ben Elton's mischievous masterpiece, Blackadder.

Monday 8th January at 8pm

In Blackadder II: Potato, Sir Walter Raleigh is home from his epic voyage to the new world. Not to be outdone, Blackadder vows to sail around the Cape Of Good Hope with a promise of marriage from the Queen if he succeeds. Next, Edmund is in trouble in Blackadder II: Money when he's visited by a debt-collecting bishop armed with a red-hot poker.

Tuesday 9th January at 8pm

In Blackadder The Third: Ink And Incapability, Samuel Johnson seeks Prince George's patronage for his new book, A Dictionary of the English Language. But, when his magnum opus is used for firewood, Edmund must try and rewrite it in a single evening. Then, in Blackadder The Third: Duel & Duality, the prince is challenged to a duel by the fearsome Duke of Wellington after a misjudged romp with his two nieces.

Wednesday 10th January at 8pm

In Blackadder Goes Forth: Captain Cook, Edmund cheats to win a competition to be named Official War Artist thinking it's his ticket out of the trenches, but his reward is being sent into no man's land to sketch the German's positions. Then, in Blackadder Goes Forth: Corporal Punishment, Edmund sneakily avoids receiving the orders to advance by shooting and eating a carrier pigeon relaying the message. Trouble is, the pigeon just happens to be General Melchett's prized pet.

Thursday 11th January at 8pm

In Blackadder Goes Forth: Major Star, the October Revolution in Moscow produces three appalling results: a ceasefire by Russia, an offensive by Germany and a Charlie Chaplin impression by Baldrick. Next, in Blackadder Goes Forth: Private Plane, Edmund, George and Baldrick join the glamorous Royal Flying Corps, unaware that their nickname, the "Twenty Minuters", refers to their average life expectancy. Things then take a sticky turn when they're shot down and taken prisoner by the Germans.

Friday 12th January at 8pm

In Blackadder Goes Forth: General Hospital, General Melchett orders Blackadder to unmask a spy working in the hospital George has been shipped to after a bomb strikes their bunker. Finally, in Blackadder Goes Forth: Goodbyeee, Blackadder, George and Baldrick are told they are going over the top the next day so a desperate Blackadder decides to feign madness as a means of escape.