Blackadder's 35th Birthday

Over one weekend, Gold celebrates the 35th birthday of one of the most beloved and critically acclaimed British sitcoms of all time.

Blackadder's 35th Birthday

Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th June from 7.30pm

Starring Rowan Atkinson as the duplicitous, scheming and ruthless Edmund Blackadder, the four series also showcased the cream of alternative British comic talent of the early 1980s, who all went on to become household names - writers Richard Curtis and Ben Elton, Tony Robinson, Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, Miranda Richardson, Tim McInnerny and Rik Mayall among them.

Throughout the weekend, we'll be showing some of our favourite episodes alongside specials about the making of the show.

On Saturday, Edmund is in trouble when he is visited by a bishop armed with a red-hot poker in Money (Saturday at 7.30pm). Next, Duel and Duality (Saturday at 8.10pm) sees the prince challenged to a duel by the fearsome Duke Of Wellington. Edmund is sent into no man's land to sketch the German positions in Plan A: Captain Cook (Saturday at 8.50pm). Blackadder's Most Cunning Moments (Saturday at 9.30pm) counts down the 40 funniest moments from the iconic sitcom, with cast members, crew and celebrity fans choosing their favourite clips. It also features contributions from co-writer Ben Elton and Stephen Fry, who appeared in many of the best-loved episodes.

On Sunday, in Beer (Sunday at 7.30pm) problems arise after an embarrassing incident with a turnip, a feather and a fat aunt. Blackadder faces court-martial for eating a carrier pigeon in Plan B: Corporal Punishment (Sunday at 8.10pm). Then, in Chains (Sunday at 8.50pm), the evil Prince Ludwig kidnaps both Blackadder and Lord Melchett. Finally, Blackadder: The Whole Rotten Saga (Sunday at 9.30pm) looks back at the making of Blackadder and features fascinating interviews and behind-the-scene insights from the renowned cast and writers including the first ever interview with Rowan Atkinson, on his personal experience of playing Edmund Blackadder.