About The Wrong Mans

Two council co-workers find themselves caught up in a web of crime, conspiracy and corruption

The Wrong Mans

Lowly council employee Sam Pinkett (Horrible Histories' Matt Baynton) is the sole witness to a shocking car accident.

Answering a ringing mobile phone that he finds at the crash site, he suddenly finds himself mixed up in a deadly kidnap plot.

Shocked and hungover, Sam also has problems mounting up at work, where his boss and ex-girlfriend Lizzie feels like he isn't pulling his weight.

But his excitable colleague Phil (James Corden) convinces him they need to step up and save the day - and after a trip to the hospital this day goes from bad to worse.

The award-winning The Wrong Mans was shown to great acclaim on BBC Two in 2013 and returned for two one-hour specials at Christmas.

Now's your chance to go right to the beginning and find out what all the fuss was about.