Nicholas Parsons

A lot has been said about Nicholas Parsons, mainly by the contestants on Radio 4's "Just A Minute" and much of it rude!

Nicholas Parsons

An entertainment stalwart, Parsons made his screen debut in 1947.

After various light, comic film roles, he came to the attention of TV viewers as the straight man to Arthur Haynes, going on to make regular appearances on the Benny Hill Show.

He was the chair of Just A Minute from its first broadcast in 1967, despite which he still doesn't seem to have a complete grasp of the rules.

Throughout the 1970s he also hosted ITV's Sale of the Century, a quiz whose tone was set by the opening announcement "And now ? live from Norwich!"

He has been the narrator of The Rocky Show and hosted "Have I Got News For You" and has a chat show at the Edinburgh Fringe each year.