About 15 Storeys High

Sean Lock stars in this sitcom adapted from his Radio 4 series.

15 Storeys High

15 Storeys High sees two very different blokes forced to share a tiny flat in a huge apartment block. What could possibly go wrong?

Sean Lock (who wrote the series) plays the sullen and mean-spirited Vince whose bright-eyed flatmate Errol (played by Benedict Wong) is his complete opposite.

Add to the mix neighbours who include wife-swappers, bible-bashers, lap dancers and stoners and you have the recipe for er, a very funny sitcom.

Watch out for an appearance from Mark Lamarr in this series which was acclaimed by critics when it was first shown on BBC Two.

15 Storeys High is part of the Gold After Dark season.

Watch it on Fridays at 12.20am from 5 September.